Beauty Starts with B.Powered!

Get ready for that clear, dewy complexion you’ve always wanted. No, it doesn’t involve expensive beauty serums, invasive procedures, or hours of super hot yoga. It’s as easy as loading up on your hive superfoods, both inside and out.     Ingestible beauty products are all the rage right now—and our hive couldn’t buzz any more … Continue reading Beauty Starts with B.Powered!

The A, B, Cs of Adaptogenic Herbs

Right now, adaptogenic herbs are creating quite a buzz in the wellness world. They are showing up everywhere, from juice bars to crystal-packed Instagram feeds to alchemical wellness cookbooks. But if you’re looking to slap some money down and get in on the healing herbal action, the options can become pretty overwhelming—especially if you are not … Continue reading The A, B, Cs of Adaptogenic Herbs

How Climate Change Is Hurting the Bees

Polar bears aren’t the only ones getting screwed by our rapidly shifting climate. Bees are seriously struggling with climate change—as if they didn’t have enough problems already.     Because they’re tiny insects, bees aren’t widely addressed as one of the potentially devastating casualties of climate change, but we should all be paying closer attention. It’s … Continue reading How Climate Change Is Hurting the Bees

These Healthy Spring Eats Are Our Latest *Obsessions*

Nothing makes us crave healthy, vibrant foods like springtime, especially after—ahem—a dense winter. From refreshing kombucha cocktails to matcha-wildflower honey pancakes, these are the clean eats that are literally putting the spring into our steps… Cooking with Matcha     Tired of the same ol’ matcha? We are big fans of cooking with antioxidant-rich matcha, especially at … Continue reading These Healthy Spring Eats Are Our Latest *Obsessions*