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Since ancient times honey has been valued for its rich, healing properties. With our Liquid Gold bundle, we are sharing 4 x 500g jars of pure honey each with their own unique flavor and nutrient profile due to their diverse floral sources. We never overharvest or mix our honey with other ingredients (like fructose, agave or corn syrup)! Our 100% pure honey contains naturally occurring nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, the way Mother Nature intended us to enjoy it. This bundle includes Raspberry Blossom, Sweet Clover, Wildflower and Buckwheat varietals – these raw, sustainably sourced superfoods are sure to tantalize taste buds and feed the soul!

A bit more about our wildcrafted honeys:

Wildflower honey is a less sweet varietal with light floral undertones. If you have a particularly sensitive palate, you may also pick up on slight hints of mint, lavender and other fresh seasonal herbs. This honey is fresh, light and uplifting, making it the perfect secret ingredient for cocktails, salad dressing, marinades and more!

Sweet Clover honey transports you back to a flowing meadow of a simpler time. This wholesome honey is sweet yet mild enough to pair well with any baked good, tonic, coffee or tea. It has a traditional honey taste with mild undertones of gingerbread and vanilla.

Raspberry Blossom honey is the fruitiest of the bunch made by wild bees who pollinate blooming raspberry bushes. This fragrant honey is light and crispy with notes of berries. It’s ideal for adding the extra special flare to your yogurt, granola, lemonade, roasted veggies, baked goods or marinades.

Buckwheat honey has a robust flavor profile with a strong, full-bodied taste and darker, molasses-like hue. This is a pure buckwheat honey, we do not blend it or water it down with other varietals. Buckwheat honey contains a heightened antioxidant count and has many restorative properties. We love to pair this honey with coffee to build a rich and nourishing elixir or use it in baking to add a hint of sweet with some earthy depth.


Raw honey is a nutritive food full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Our bees make honey like no other – pure, raw, real and sustainably sourced with care. We never tamper with Mother Nature, always keeping our honey as is with no additives, fillers or synthetic flavors. From our hives to your home, our raw honey is made the old-fashioned way and delivered to you from our happy buzzing bees.


100% raw, sustainably sourced, enzymatic honey.

Contains no: artificial preservatives, colors, refined sugar, gluten, wheat, yeast, corn, soya, dairy, or egg.

Subscribe and save 15%!* Sustainable sweetness delivered to you every month!

*Minimum of 2 months

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