Bundle with 3 x 125g jars of some of our favorite raw honeys (Raspberry Blossom, Sweet Clover and Wildflower)

Stock up with 3 delicious and sustainably sourced raw honeys! Each has their own unique flavor and texture profile due to their floral sources and are sure to tantalize their taste buds. We never overharvest or mix our honey with other ingredients (like fructose, agave or corn syrup)! Our 100% pure honey contains naturally occurring nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, the way Mother Nature intended us to enjoy it.

A bit more about the different honeys:

Our wildflower honey is a less sweet varietal with light floral undertones. If you have a particularly sensitive palate, you may also pick up on slight hints of mint. This honey is ideal for granola, superfoods smoothies, healthy baking and more!

Sweet Clover honey is the honey of choice for all of you with sweet tooths out there. It has a traditional sweet taste with mild undertones of gingerbread. This honey is perfect for baking, tea, coffee, salad dressings and more!

The bees that help make our raspberry blossom honey pollinate raspberry bushes right before we harvest, so hints come through creating a light and flavorful honey with raspberry and floral undertones.


Raw honey is a nutritive food full of vitamins and minerals. Our bees make great-tasting pure honey, and we don’t touch it. Our ultra-pure honey is unprocessed and contains no additives, just the nectar of tons of wild flowers. Our honey is made the old fashioned way, slowly and carefully by highly skilled beekeepers working with healthy, happy bees.


100% raw, sustainably sourced, enzymatic honey.

Paleo friendly, gluten-free, and all natural.

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