Your Favorite Travel Buddy: Why You Need to Bring Bee Propolis on Your Next Trip

How many times have you found yourself a few days into a vacation when you start to get a scratchy throat or a stuffy nose? Or, when you’re on a work trip cranking out 14+ hour days and you start to feel like death when you need to be on the top of your game? We’ve been there and it’s not fun. When BKN co-founder Carly was traveling abroad, she discovered bee propolis and it turned her trip around, helping her feel like her high-energy self again. Bee propolis will be your new favorite travel companion, whatever your next adventure may bee!

What Is Bee Propolis?

In case you’re not already familiar with bee propolis, it’s a substance that bees make from resin collected from trees and plants. They rely on propolis to sterilize the hive and act as its immune system. They line their hives with it, fix cracks and holes, and even make little mats outside of the entrance so they can wipe their feet! Essentially, bees use propolis to protect themselves, their families, and their home.

So you are probably thinking “oh that is cute, and great for the bees, but I don’t know why I need this for my next flight?” Well, public transportation, airports and in particular AIRPLANES are filled with germs. Think about it: a bunch of people in a confined place… no matter how much hand sanitizer you use, you’re still at risk for getting sick! Unless you are planning on wearing a hazmat suit, there is no way you will leave that flight without at least coming in contact with a germ. To make matters worse, your body is going to be stressed out, which impacts your immune system too. Travel is stressful in itself, but also add in being up in the air, flying somewhere important or unknown, jetlag, and sitting next to the guy who decided it was a good idea to order the tuna sandwich…honestly, we’re getting stressed just thinking about it.

Meet Your Travel Savior: Bee Propolis

Bee propolis has antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antibiotic properties. It will kick any nasty floating germs and viruses to the curb, while also fueling _mg_4906your body with essential nutrients. And stress? Forget about it! Propolis’ antioxidant components will help combat oxidative damage and stress on your body.

We’ve formulated our bee propolis into a convenient spray bottle, so it’s easy to carry around in your pocket or bag. We use only the best, pure Canadian propolis (a premium 95% extract) with no alcohol or additives (like you may find in other liquid or capsules forms of bee propolis).

All Natural: Check

Our all natural spray has no wonky ingredients or weird additives. It’s naturally sweet with no added sugar  and contains only 3 ingredients: propolis, non-GMO vegetable glycerin and distilled water.

Multi-tasker: Check

Since BKN propolis comes in a spray bottle you can use it to alleviate several ailments. If you get cut or burned while you’re away, make sure to squirt a few sprays on your wound after you’ve cleaned it. It’s super relieving for canker sores too, yet actually tastes good unlike those bitter canker sore ointments. As we mentioned, propolis has antibacterial and antiviral properties!

TSA Approved: Check

You can bring this little guy with you everywhere! Yup, the bottle and ingredients fit TSA guidelines 1.06 ounces (30 mL) to be specific so you can spray as much as you want while you’re up in the air.  

Tasty: Check

Most importantly, the spray tastes amazing. This means you don’t need to bother the flight attendant for another glass of pinot to wash down the taste… unless you want another glass (we don’t judge).

Now that you’re acquainted with your new travel buddy, make sure you pick up a bottle before your next trip. You can order online or check out our store locator for a location near you.

Bon voyage ladies and gents!

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